Sunday, November 23, 2014

Comet 67P◄ Anomalies◄ Alien Creatures Objects In Motion And Humanoids Fo...

Some incredible alien creatures, objects in motion,

humanoids and structures have been found In NASA/ESA

Images of Comet 67P.

As we explore the NASA/ESA images of

Comet 67P we will see some incredible sights.

What we see will make us question

everything and leave us wondering about what is

going on.

This video is an in depth look at just one

of the images. What they reveal is pretty amazing.

A creature moving across the surface of the comet.

Objects that are clearly in motion, spewing material

and leaving a trail behind them.Humanoid figures and what

looks like a possible burial scene, a lone figure

seated in front of  two crudely made crosses with

the ground disturbed beneath them. There is

also a large building complex one of several seen,

that seems to have what looks like a fountain

in the center. There is a vehicle and machine

like objects.  A sphinx like object

with what resembles a human head and more...

The anomalies in just this one image

alone are astounding.

There are other images that reveal

incredible  anomalies and structures as well.

One has been done by Enigma Digest and

the link to that video is below so you can access that

information too. It contains some very interesting info

regarding the signal Comet 67P is emitting.

When all is taken into account what's seen in the images,

the signal the comet is emitting, the fact that this

comet was targeted to land the Philae on, we must question

what is going on. Interesting that Philae in Greek means


Is there an alien race currently on the comet?

Is the comet used as an alien base for stop overs?

Was there an alien scientific expedition possibly

gone wrong?

Was the signal the comet is emitting a distress signal?

A sign of an intelligent race?

Is this a secret mission carried out by our own

space agencies or other humans from earth?

While I don't have all the answers,I know that what's seen  in the images

is extraordinary and I ponder the possibilities.

Link to the EnigmaDigest video with info

on the signal:

Link to original NASA images:

Link to original ESA images:

Friday, November 7, 2014

Amazing Mars Anomalies◄ Recent NASA Image Shows Earth-Like Structures An...

A recent NASA image shows what appear to be earth-like structures and houses.The NASA images

seem to have so many amazing mars anomalies it's impossible to ignore them. In this image we see

a group of buildings eerily reminiscent of typical homes and buildings on earth. Grouped together

as a small village or settlement the similarities are incredible.

The more images I see like this the more I want to know ...

What is going on?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Amazing Mars Anomalies◄NASA Secret Project◄Seeding Mars With Life◄Snake ...

This recent NASA image seems to show an amazing scene that has astounding implications. In the image we see what appears to be a snake resembling a Cobra coming out of a basket. Next to it is a containment vessel with air holes. It would seem that the snake was transported there in the containment vessel, possibly on the Mars rover, and the basket placed there so that it could initially take refuge. Is it possible that NASA is working on a secret project

to seed Mars with life? Populating it with life forms from earth most likely to survive?

Is it possible that they have already colonized Mars and they are merely building a stronger and

more varied foundation with different species of life from earth?

What is seen in some of the Mars images certainly suggests that it is a possibility.

Perhaps part of the rovers mission is to monitor the life forms sent there. It would go a long way

in explaining some of the images of rodents and other animals found in NASA images on Mars.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

NASA UFO's◄ STS-48 Incident◄ Amazing UFO Footage ★★★

Amazing NASA UFO footage from the STS-48 Incident.

Taken while in orbit on 15 September 1991 the video shows a flash of light and several objects

that appear to be flying in an artificial or controlled fashion.

Two of the objects clearly make controlled sharp turns and

head off in  different directions.

One of the most hotly debated and discussed NASA UFO incidents

the footage is fascinating to watch!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Amazing Mars Anomalies◄ NASA Image Shows Mayan Like Face Sculptures And...

Amazing Mars Anomalies in one of the most recent NASA images taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover.In this image we can see what appear to be Earth like lakeside houses , a sculpture that has several heads one of which is very reminiscent of Ancient Mayan sculptures, some wood and other odd artifacts. The sculpture is amazing in that the base seems to be a separate piece carved and polished smooth with the heads placed on it. Once again a NASA image has me asking just
what is going on?

Music by Chris Zabriskie