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Coral Castle Tour | Ed Leedskalnin | One Man's Incredible Achievement ✔️

Coral Castle one of the most enigmatic and mysterious modern day

megalithc structures in the world, was built singehandedly by Edward Leedskalnin,

in Homestead Florida. Many believe Edward Leedskalnin had secret

knowledge, and it's been said that he knew the secret of how the great pyramids of

Egypt were built. Some have speculated that he may have had knowledge of

anti-gravity or used reverse magnetism. Even the use of supernatural abilities

by Ed to move the huge blocks has been suggested.

Every block of the megalithic monument was hand carved and lifted by Edward Leedskalnin

alone  without the help of modern machinery. It was a total of 3 million pounds.

Edward liked to work in secrecy and although many tried, no one ever discovered his

secrets, and he died without ever revealing them to anyone.